Window decoration

Shutters and blinds.

Installing shutters / blinds – is a final and important stage of the window decoration. Not only window exterior and ease operation with shutters and blinds depend on the correct choice and installation, but also a level of natural light in the office space. Using our services, you can decorate the window with the type of shutters / blinds, which will ideally meet the design of the space. Our professional engineering staff will make competent counsel of the windows, consult on the technical features of blinds / shutters, and help to choose the best solution for non-standard windows.

Protective and decorative film.

To make the special properties of glass "New Office" offers a protective and decorative film for external and internal surfaces. The film has a special coating, resistant to scratches and does not require additional maintenance in operation.

The protective film makes the glass safer, and with its destruction holds the glass in the frame, preventing spill, and protecting people around from the injury. Decorative film is used for decoration of glass surfaces in the interior. With it you put logos or other images on glass partitions, doors and other surfaces that adds a modern, individual and complete the form to office space, and also provides some level of privacy in rooms.