Temporary furniture

There are situations - the seminar, conference, training, etc., when buying furniture requires excessively large and unjustified costs. Such furniture is necessary for the short term and used rarely. And the rest of the time they are unnecessary load in your office or warehouse use for which you pay money.

Office furniture rent solves multiple problems:

  • No need  to exercise or storing furniture, released after short-term  projects (seminars, press conferences, training);
  • No discomfort from the accounting side (no need to put on the balance sheet as fixed assets,      furniture that is used to calculate depreciation of furniture and charge them).

Our company offers its customers a wide selection of equipment within the service furniture for rent:

  • conference-tables and chairs;
  • working stations;
  • storage;
  • office chairs;
  • receptions;
  • in-between

We are ready to execute orders of any size, and promptly deliver products to the client at any point of Ukraine.